ListFromText | How it works

How it works

Learn how to use ListFromText to extracts and transform text the way you need it, in three simple steps.
Step 1 - Load Text
To start, add text to the Import area by typing, pasting text or uploading a file.
Currently, the following file formats can be uploaded: plain text files, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, PDF.
Step 2 - Choose Extractor
Next, from the Extractors area, select an extractor from the list.
If the extractor found possible matching text, it will be displayed in the Export area.
Step 3 - Export
You can filter, remove duplicated, sort and remove rows.
You can then export them by selecting one of the available options in the Export area.
Currently available export options are: copy to clipboard, print, export as TXT, CSV, XLSX, DOCX or PDF file.
Free vs Pro plan
ListFromText has currently two plans available: Free and Pro.
The Free version has limited features compared to the PRO version.
Other features, such as copying to clipboard, are actually limited by the user's browser and/or the operating system.
Check the Pricing page for more information.
Available apps
ListFromText is also available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Mac App Store.
ListFromText on the App StoreListFromText on the Google Play StoreListFromText on the Mac App Store
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